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E-mail from David A. Hardy FBIS, FIAAA.
Apr 24, 2009

Hi Vic

I'm nearly through reading your book, VIC FLICK, GUITARMAN, and I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying it. It's especially interesting to me as in the 70s I had a few contacts with the scene you describe. May I tell you my side of it?

I'm a space artist (take a look at my site, and in 1968 I had an exhibition at the London Planetarium, coinciding with the release of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (on which I almost worked, but that's another story!). After the exhibition finished I had a call from someone called Brian Jones, who had seen two of the paintings in Harrods, but their exhibition was over too. I said "Oh, that's an easy name --the same as the Rolling Stone." The reply (you guessed): "I AM the Rolling Stone!". Sadly he died soon after that.

Another of the paintings was to go to Arthur C. Clarke, whose brother Fred lived in Haringey, and I was to drop it off at Fullerscopes, a telescope shop there, to be collected by Fred. In that shop I met a chap with a beard who said he was a session guitarist and his name was Jim Sullivan. I said "Not 'Big' Jim Sullivan, who played with Marty Wilde and the Wildcats?" The very same. He was buying a telescope (as you relate in your book) and on his way to a session in his little 2CV. Was I doing anything that afternoon? As it happened, the publisher I was supposed to be meeting had cancelled due to ill-health, so I was free. Jim took me to Abbey Road Studios, and after that every time I visited London (I was living in Norfolk at the time) I'd meet up with Jim and go to a different studio. I went to a couple of Tom Jones sessions, one with Mike Hearst (who was in the Springfields), a film recording (I remember that some tracks were 'wild', which seemed to mean that the musicians could play whatever they thought fitted), and so on.

I got to meet Herbie Flowers, who I later met when he was with Sky, Clem Cattini who I knew from The Tornados, Alan Hawkshaw who was forming Blue Mink with Herbie (I think) and bought me a burger, Reg Guest, who used to have music shop in my home town, Birmingham, etc.etc. I was also introduced to Tony Clarke, who produced the Moody Blues, and we became quite friendly and he bought or commissioned several paintings from me. He and Graeme Edge, the drummer, went with me to see the launch of Apollo 15 in 1971. I always remember Tony, after the launch, saying rather grumpily: "If I'd been in the control booth I'd have boosted the bass!" The Moodies also used my slides behind them on-stage. As did Hawkwind and Pink Floyd, and I did a cover for Hawkwind --HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN GRILL.

And I got to meet you! I can't remember what the session was, but I was introduced to you, and remember being surprised that you were playing rhythm guitar while Jim was playing lead. I mean, you were the lead guitarist from the John Barry Seven, who played the James Bond theme! ;-)

I have a genuine American Strat, but I'm a frustrated guitarist really. If there was something I could have done instead of being an artist, it would have been being a rock guitarist. Ah well, next time perhaps. . .

Very best wishes Vic.


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